Visiting the Baguio Sunshine Park

Baguio City must be the top city in the Philippines when it comes to the number of public parks and pocket gardens in it. One of the many found in the City of Pines is the Baguio Sunshine Park, which is a lesser known place in Baguio. It has not been advertised as widely as more famous sites such as the Burnham Park and the Mines View. Still, the Sunshine Park has unique characteristics that make it special in its own way.

The Sunshine Park is actually one of the 12 cluster areas of the famous Burnham Park of Baguio City. The Sunshine Park is a great venue for those who wish to see flowers and plants that can only grow in cool climates. Gardeners of the area are highly commendable for their amazing efforts in maintaining the park. Visitors will be able to see a variety of flowers that remain exclusive only to Baguio. Nature lovers are definitely in for a treat with such a unique display of blooming flowers, plants and trees.

The stage found on the middle of the park is mostly used by students from the University of the Philippines of Baguio for their dance rehearsals and plays.

Baguio Sunshine Park

It is a common venue for cultural shows of the nearby university as well. Kids are often seen running the entire concrete of the pathway that stretches throughout the length of the park.

Students and faculty members of the University of the Philippines in Baguio are often seen walking along the concrete walkways, seemingly trying to escape the pressures of the classroom setting.

Aside from a few instances of graffito found around the stage, the park is quite well-maintained. It is fairly clean, and has designated trash cans that surround the area. It is the perfect hang-out for lovers and groups of friends who just want to inhale the fresh and cool breeze of the Baguio air.

Sunshine Park is often a stopover venue for tourists headed up to places such as the Botanical Gardens or Club John Hay. Many claim that, since the park is mostly made of concrete, it is not an ideal place to have picnics or to lounge around. But that notion does not stop many travelers from bringing in their own food as they lie around the stage underneath the concrete huts.

During weekdays, you may find yourself having the park all to yourself. You may get lucky and experience the same exclusivity during weekends, especially during off-peak seasons of Baguio. Some tourists who want to continue the day with other parks in the area can head to the Centennial Park, which is better known as the Baguio Botanical Garden: it is located along the nearby Leonard Wood Road.

An entire day can be spent at the Baguio Sunshine Park by just admiring the beauty, color and fragrance of the park. Add the cultural shows that are occasionally performed to have an educational experience while you are there. Make sure to bring your camera with you because you won’t be able to resist taking pictures in every corner of the park.

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