Venus Parkview Hotel in Baguio City

Venus Parkview Hotel in Baguio City

Found at 19 Kisad Road at the lovely City of Baguio, Venus Parkview Hotel is a very nice hotel that tirelessly offers first-class accommodations and outstanding services to numerous tourists and guests from the different parts of the world.

As a wonderful start to their perfect stay at this very fine hotel, a spacious parking area provides a safe location for the automobiles and cars of guests. After that, they can now proceed to the very elegant hotel lobby where the friendly staff and management of the place await their arrival. Continue reading Venus Parkview Hotel in Baguio City

Hotel Legarda in Baguio – Recommended Hotel

Hotel Legarda: Recommended for young singles and budget travelers first and then to other tourists as well, Hotel Legarda, formerly Forest Inn, offers nice serene surroundings good for a relaxing vacation.

We’re usually exhausted after a day of touring Baguio City and the first thing we want is a nice quiet place to rest. Baguio City is often tour and relaxation to many. Hotel Legarda figures excellently in this. All its 35 rooms provide snug places for relaxation and sleep. Continue reading Hotel Legarda in Baguio – Recommended Hotel

Cheap hotels in baguio near Burnham Park

Cheap hotels in baguio near Burnham Park

Cheap hotels in baguio near Burnham Park (best hotels list for less than PHP 2 ,500 for night.)

There is lots to try to to in Baguio, however clearly the primary issue to try to do is to seek out an Hotel to remain.

If you wish to pay recently in an exceedingly edifice close to burnham Park this can be alittle review of 4 of the cheap hotels in baguio near Burnham Park (below PPH2,500 an evening) Continue reading Cheap hotels in baguio near Burnham Park

Baguio Hotels Promo

Baguio Hotels promo

Are you looking for the best Baguio hotels promo, maybe a budget place to enjoy the wonderful Baguio climate?

Or maybe you want to visit Baguio to have fun with the Panagbenga festival?
This is a list of the top 6 promo hotels in Baguio where you can stay for less than 3,000 P per night. Continue reading Baguio Hotels Promo

El Cielito Inn – Baguio

El Cielito Inn in Baguio City

El Cielito Inn  is Situated at 50 North Drive in the charming and captivating City of Baguio, the hotel  offers tourists and guests a very nice location where they can relax in comfort and style while exploring the area’s different exciting tourist attractions.

This hotel is located at a hilltop, which gives people the opportunity to enjoy fascinating and captivating views from their rooms. Upon arrival, guests can immediately notice the hotel’s nice and elegant lobby.

El Cielito Inn has very nice rooms to offer, complete with outstanding basic room amenities like hot and cold shower fixtures, private bathrooms, and Internet access. Additionally, all its rooms have continuous power supply, in-room NDD and IDD telephone lines, and cable television sets.

For non-smokers, they can always request for non-smoking rooms for their convenience and safety. Simultaneously, this place is a very convenient location for adults who have their children with them.

This fine hotel does not charge rates for children who are age 12 and below, giving them free access to all the hotel facilities without spending more money.

El Cielito Inn offers visitors and guests really nice, comfortable, and elegant rooms for a comfortable and pleasant stay as they explore the different beautiful places in Baguio City. Guest room facilities include standard rooms, ordinary deluxe, deluxe air-conditioned rooms, superior rooms, and apartelles.

The rates for standard rooms range from 1,940 to 2,320 pesos, while ordinary deluxe are available from 2,430 to 2,810 pesos.

In the meantime, prices for the deluxe air-conditioned rooms at El Cielito Inn start from 2,670 pesos and can go as high as 3,090 pesos. Superior rooms cost 3,690 pesos for an overnight stay, while guests can avail apartelles for 4,620 to 5,830 pesos.

Additionally, El Cielito Inn also features a nice and cozy dining location called Voyager Restaurant, where visitors and guests can enjoy some very nice meals.

Furthermore, the place also has a Magellan Room, where people can hold business meetings, seminars, and even conferences. Businesses and corporate entities can rent the place, which can hold as much as 100 persons, for as low as 5,000 pesos.

It features banquet facilities like a huge overhead screen, a reliable sound system, and a nice white board for lectures and discussions.

El Cielito Inn has a very nice location at North Drive, which is very near to some of the most important locations in the City of Baguio.

From the hotel, it will only take visitors and guests 0.5 kilometers to reach the Baguio Convention Center as well as Session Road. Meanwhile, the hotel is only 1.5 kilometers away from the very popular tourist attraction Camp John Hay. The place is also proximate to the University of the Philippines, Baguio Cathedral, and Burnham Park.

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Albergo Hotel


Albergo Hotel

Address : No. 1 Villamor Drive, Brgy. Lualhati

Number of Rooms: 127

Check IN:02:00 p.m.

Check OUT 12:00 p.m.

Ideally located in the prime touristic area of Outlook Drive, Albergo Hotel promises a relaxing and wonderful visit.

The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

To be found at the hotel are 24-hour security, convenience store, daily housekeeping, fax machine, photocopying. Continue reading Albergo Hotel

Skyrise Hotel – A Honest Review

Skyrise Hotel sits on a beautiful mountain village right beside the famous Lourdes Grotto Mirador 200 plus steps leading up the hilltop. Skyrise Hotel, Baguio is where we catch glimpses of the picturesque City of Pines.Right at number 18 on quiet Dominican Road is this homey Skyrise Hotel, Baguio, looking like a mountain cabin along the road amid lush trees and greens. The famous steps leading to the Grotto on top of Mirador Hill, white against nature’s varied greens, is just about 15 meters away. Continue reading Skyrise Hotel – A Honest Review

City Travel Hotel in Baguio City

City Travel Hotel in Baguio City – Philippines

Located along Kisad Road just across the very attractive Burnham Park, City Travel Hotel is one of the most elegant and affordable places to stay when traveling through the beautiful streets of Baguio City.

This place promises to give its guests a pleasant stay, super affordable room rates, and first-class facilities.

Through the years, more and more people are staying at this hotel to experience that nice, cozy, and comfortable stay without spending too much.

One of the main features of City Travel Hotel is its Gecko Bar and Restaurant, where visitors and guests can ultimately enjoy great tasting food and nice drinks all throughout the day.

In the meantime, Araucaria Hall allows them to celebrate and hold special occasions, gatherings, and events like birthday parties, graduation celebrations, and wedding receptions.

On the other hand, the place is also perfect for numerous business purposes like conferences, seminars, and meetings.

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City Travel Hotel

In general, City Travel Hotel offers six different kinds of elegant, clean, and comfortable rooms for tourists and guests to choose from.

All of these rooms are equipped with some of the best materials and amenities available today including beautiful carpets, NDD/IDD telephones, and high technology electronic lock systems.

Guests can choose from any of the available standard rooms, deluxe rooms, junior family suites, family suites, executive suites, and presidential suites.

For standard rooms, City Travel Hotel charge around 1,000 to 1,500 pesos, while deluxe rooms cost more from 1,300 to 1,700 pesos.

In the meantime, junior family suites cost around 1,500 to 1,900 pesos, while the rates for family suites usually range from 1,800 to 2,200 pesos.

For executive suites, guests must expect to pay somewhere in between 2,300 to 2,800 pesos, while the presidential suites are expected to be the most expensive among all the rooms at City Travel Hotel, with the rates ranging from 2,800 to 3,300 pesos.

With its nice location along Kisad Road near Burnham Park, City Travel Hotel is very much accessible to great and exciting tourist attractions such as Session Road, Burnham Park, and Wright Park.

It is also found near popular educational institutions like Baguio City School of Arts and Trades, Pines City Colleges, and University of Baguio. In addition, Saint Louis University, the Philippines Military Academy, and University of the Philippines-Baguio are also very close to the hotel area.

Popular tourist spots like Baguio Cathedral, Mines View Park, and the Mansion are just a short drive from the hotel premises.


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Kennon Road

kennon road was for a whole century, the most popular access to Baguio City, Philippines. There has been no other road that has meant so much happiness for many travelers, who know that cool, cool weather lies just about 45 minutes away.

Kennon Road was built to connect Kafagway, later on chartered as Baguio City, to the lowlands. According to Filipino architect, author and actor — and Baguio native — Ernesto Zarate, his research shows that the Americans started building simultaneously from the top (which is Baguio City) and from the base (in La Union), and found that the two roads would not meet, necessitating a winding road through Bued River Canyon, affectionately referred to as the “Zigzag.”
This historic road is about 30 kilometers in length and is divided into ‘Camps,’ signifying the establishment of mining camps by the Americans along the way up to Baguio City, which was originally both a mining town and a recreational facility. Learn more about how it was built and how much it cost via this great article Kennon Road and Baguio by Ernesto Zarate.

Turning right from the Rosario, La Union – Kennon Road Junction, one will enter through a toll gate. Marcos Highway is more popular these days as the roads are wider. Marcos Highway has no toll fees.

One passes through a short stretch of road at Camp 1 with a great view of Bued River to your left and sheets of waterfalls dropping onto the road itself to your right. It’s your choice to pass under the natural ‘car wash’ or not.

A little further on is Twin Peaks (Camp 2) that features Klondikes Hot Springs Resort to your left and further on, Bridal Veil. To swim under most beautiful of Kennon Road waterfalls is such a magnificent experience with clear mountain spring water cascading from a sheer drop into a natural pool.

There are waterfalls visible from the road, and some of them right by Kennon Road at Camps 3 to 5, where your car will be experiencing a steady climb with gentle curves and bends. Clearly visible will be the mountains that have been mined like crazy by the Americans during the colonial period, and even after independence was granted to the Philippines because they retained mining rights over most of the country’s treasure troves. While there is lush greenery all around Kennon Road, one will see bald rock faces where all the minerals holding the ground cover and pine trees have disappeared. The temperature though, starts dropping, and dropping further the higher you climb.


It is recommended that you refuel your car at either of two gas stations before entering Kennon Road. The Shell station
has an update on the road conditions and passability of Kennon Road and Marcos Highway while the Caltex station has nice restrooms.

kennon road

Also, fuel is cheaper by about P1.00/liter compared to Baguio rates (for some inexplicable reason)Past the two Lion’s Heads at Camp 6 are three successive hairpin curves that don’t really need a professional driver to navigate, with today’s stronger engines and available power steering. These get can tricky though when one is tailing or try to overtake a cumbersome, slow-moving vehicle like a lorry.

Dwarfed by the carved, man-made Lion’s Head is the real Lion’s Head, a large rock naturally shaped like a lion (front), that greeted visitors to Baguio prior to 1972. The Lion’s Club of Baguio City commissioned the larger Lion’s Head to be carved from a natural limestone formation just a few meters away. It now has a view deck and souvenir stalls around it and is now considered a tourist attraction and one of the popular images of Baguio.

I prefer the original of course not so much because I am a romantic but because it is a natural rock formation, is way less scary-looking especially at night as there are no menacing eyes and teeth that glow in the dark, and it is the first one I see driving up Kennon Road.

And I can imagine the how the early travelers to Baguio felt upon seeing it when Kennon was newly built and knowing the Summer Capital of the Philippines was just a few miles away.