Session Road

A Baguio City tour is never complete without a stroll along Session Road. A lot of sights in Baguio come and go but Session Road has been there since the very beginning.

Baguio, being the summer capital of the country, was made official during the first session of the Philippine Commission in the summer of 1904, April to June. There was a lone road that led up the Baden Powell building where the session was held. Hence, the road has been called Session Road since then.

session road

Today, Session Road is lined up with bustling businesses and is, in fact, sometimes considered the city’s financial district. Shops, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, offices, and banks, among others, are situated along the road. And because it slopes upward, at the rotunda near the Post Office and the DENR office we get a good view of the city proper below as we stroll and window shop along Session Road.

At present no public vehicles—cabs or jeepneys—are allowed to pass along Session Road so these vehicles take interior or secondary roads like General Luna Road. Mabini Road is where most public jeepneys are stationed. Session Road is a long stretch of major road beginning from Engineer’s Hill, snaking through the city proper, and terminates at Magsaysay Avenue.

Session Road is divided into the Lower and Upper, or Session Road one and two. The Lower portion includes Magsaysay Avenue, Father Carlu Street, and Gov. Pack Road, including the Baguio Cathedral area. Upper Session Road includes areas the part where the Post Office is, Leonard Wood Road, SM Baguio, the rotunda, South Drive, Loakan Road, and Military Cut-Off going to Kennon Road.

Anywhere we’re going in the city we are likely to cross Session Road. It makes travelling around the city proper a bit simpler. And if we’re planning on getting the latest in Baguio lifestyle and night life we have to linger around the place. The eateries, bookstores, cafes, and department stores tell us lots.
Ambling along Session Road at night allows a romantic view of the place with neon lights, signages, and shop lights dazzling all around. Distant lights on nearby hills glitter like jewels and the cool evening keeps us tightly cramped up in our jackets.

Traditionally, Session Road is often the first stop of a Baguio Tour. It mirrors the progress that the city has so far achieved. Moreover, sentimental visitors stop by the road awhile and ponder at the fact that their predecessors had also once trekked the olden lane and had done the same.

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