Session Road Baguio: 5 Things to Know about it

Session Road in Baguio is the main thoroughfare with its variety of shops, stores and offices lined up on each side. Local residents, tourists and visitors are constantly seen taking leisurely walks up and down the hill doing activities such as window shopping, snacking on ice cream cones or talking endlessly with their friends. But to know a little bit more about this famous road of Baguio, here are five things you may have been apprised of about the legendary road.

Historical Significance – The road is the site of the very First Session of the Second Philippine Commission. It is here where it got its name as well. The road leads up to the old Baden-Power Hall where the Second Philippine Commission was held in 1904.

The Philippine Commission was the body that was appointed by the U.S. President during the American Occupation in the Philippines. The very first Philippine Commission was appointed by the US President in year 1899. The Second Philippine Commission was then held in Baguio City. During this time, Baguio was declared the Philippine Summer Capital as well.

Today, the only visible evidence of this historical significance lies in the Baden-Powell Inn along Governor Pack Road.

session road Baguio

Session Road Baguio – from Google Images

Two Sections – Session Road is divided into two sections: the Upper Session Road and the Lower Session Road.

The latter is a much more visited area than its upper counterpart because most commercial establishments are located there. Truth is, no one calls it as the Lower part anymore.

The lower part of the road runs from the intersection of Magsaysay Road, up towards the Baguio Cathedral and until the Governor Pack Road. The upper section, on the other hand, starts from the Post Office and the base of Luneta Hill, all the way up the rotunda of South Drive, the Military cut-off Road and until the Loakan Road.

Real Estate – Session Road is the most expensive Baguio real estate due to its central location, volumes of pedestrian traffic
and limited space of commercial spots for rent. Properties and spaces along the road come with extremely steep rates.

Start Off Point – During the early years of the Pangabenga or Flower Festival of Baguio, parades used to start at the upper part of the road and descend towards the Magsaysay Avenue, turn at Harrison Road and ends up at Burnham Park.
Although the routes of the parades have slightly differed, the same road is still favored for many parades due to its
sloping roads that give spectators a fabulous view of the floats, street dancers and bands.

Route to anywhere in Baguio – The road’s central location is what causes it to be the most congested road of vehicles and pedestrians. It also connects all the major roads of Baguio such as the Leonard Wood Road, Loakan Road, Magsaysay Avenue and Harrison Road. Most of these roads lead to a popular tourist attraction which adds even more to the road’s daily traffic.

All of these make Session Road a path worth traveling, whether you want to just tread the footsteps of Baguio history or
want to do some shopping. Add the terrifically cool Baguio weather and a stroll along Session Road is a totally unique
experience that is one not to miss when visiting the City of Pines.


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