Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. Principles of Personal Information Protection

Knowledge and information are the most important assets of, Inc. (“the Company”). We therefore acknowledge the need to protect the information we deal in, including the information of our hotel partners (“Posted Facilities”) and our users (“you” or “the User”). This document (the “Privacy Policy” which forms part of the “Terms and Conditions” or “T&Cs”) establishes the privacy policy principles that govern our handling of information, in accordance with business code of ethics, corporate moral and social responsibility, as follows:

  1. When you use the online hotel reservation services (“the Services”) available online through (“the Site”) or through the call center (“the Call Center”) through any telephone or mobile device, the personal information (“Personal Information”) you enter, which includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, or other information, is collected by the Company. Other information that may not directly identify you but that may be associated with your Personal Information, including IP addresses, log-in name, password, and specific search settings, is also collected.
  2. As much as practicable, the Company will identify the purposes for collection of Personal Information and properly handle the Personal Information within the scope necessary to achieve the relevant purpose. In addition, the Company will take allowable measures to prevent the use of Personal Information for any purpose other than that intended.
  3. The Company shall obtain Personal Information in a legal and appropriate manner. The Company will not provide Personal Information to any third party without prior consent of the relevant User or of any party who has legal domain to keep Personal Information.
  4. In managing Personal Information, the Company will endeavor to take all necessary and appropriate measures for the prevention of accidental or illegal leakage, loss, or damage. The Company shall make all efforts to keep you involved in the handling of your Personal Information and to maintain the contents as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, the personal information will solely depend or be based on the data supplied by the user.
  5. In order to enhance Personal Information protection, the Company shall comply with International and National laws and ordinances, establish internal regulations, and continuously review and comply with such regulations.
  1. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Purposes of Use of the Personal Information on the Site are listed below. The Company will not use the Personal Information for any purposes beyond the scope of the Purposes of Use except where specifically identified and disclosed to the User when the Personal Information is collected.

  1. For providing reservations to the accommodations of the Posted Facilities (“Accommodation Services”) to Users, and identifying these Users to the Posted Facilities, whether they log in as members to the Site, use the Site without logging in, or use the Call Center.
  2. For authentication purposes of the Users of the Site, and to provide various services for Users who are members of the Site.
  3. For obtaining the User’s previous records or accommodation history with the relevant Posted Facility or other Posted Facilities.
  4. For information distribution purposes, including mail services and various announcements.
  5. For contacting Users to cooperate with various questionnaire surveys and editorial articles.
  6. For receiving application of various promotional campaigns, contacting winners, and sending them prizes or rewards.
  7. For issuing reservation confirmation e-mails with relevant booking numbers and other information identifying specific transactions or reservations (“Usage Agreements”) with specific Posted Facilities.
  8. For delivering information on products or services which the User might be interested in.
  9. For conveying feedback for opinions or inquiries relating to the Services provided by the Site.

The Company may create statistical data based on, and by processing, the Personal Information received. The Company may use the said statistical data without any limitation.

  1. Discretionary Provision of Personal Information

Some types of Personal Information are required for the performance of the Services. These fields are described as “Required Items” in the registration screen. If a User fill out these fields, he / she may not be eligible to receive certain services, including reservation for the Posted Facilities.

  1. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not share Personal Information to any third party without obtaining User’s consent in principle. However, the Company may share your Personal Information with third parties contracted to carry out various services for the company, including web hosting, market and data analysis, advertising and promotion, payment processing, customer support, and other services. These third parties are contractually required to keep your Personal Information secure and confidential, and to use your Personal Information only as specified by the Company.

The Company will provide Personal Information only if the consent of a User is obtained after identifying the party or parties who will receive information and the content of information to be provided, provided however, that the Company may disclose Personal Information without the consent of a User (to the extent that there is no violation of related laws or ordinances), if any one of the following occurs:

  1. If the Company reasonably determines that the User’s behavior would cause the Company or a third party to suffer any disadvantage of assignment of rights, multiple reservations, or false information registration, all of which are prohibited by the Terms and Conditions.
  2. If it is necessary for the Company to cooperate with the performance of affairs set forth in laws or ordinances by the government authorities or local public bodies or the parties to whom the government authorities or local public bodies delegate authority to, and obtaining consent of the User directly may cause inconvenience to such performance of affairs.
  3. If the disclosure of personal information is required by courts, prosecutors” offices, police, bar associations, consumer information centers, or organizations having authority similar thereto.
  4. If the disclosure or provision of personal information to any third party is explicitly required by the User.
  5. If the disclosure or provision of personal information is permitted by the laws or ordinances.
  6. If part or all of the handling of Personal Information is entrusted to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the Purposes of Use.
  7. If the Personal Information is provided along with the transfer of business due to merger or other reasons, and the Personal Information is handled within the scope of the Purposes of Use before the transfer of business.
  1. Disclaimer for Provision to Third Parties

If any one of the following occurs, the Company will not be liable for the provision of Personal Information to any third party:

  1. If a User voluntarily discloses the personal information of another individual to the Site. In such a case, the User is responsible for acquiring the consent of the said individual to provide his / her information.
  2. If a User himself/herself discloses Personal Information to third parties by using the functions of the Site or by other means.
  3. If the Personal Information is provided by a User on an external site linked to the Site.
  4. If third parties obtain information that can identify the individual User (IDs, passwords, or the like) through any means not attributable to the Site.
  1. Changes to Personal Information

A User that is a member of the Site may at any time inspect, modify, add to, delete, or suspend the use of the Personal Information registered by himself/herself. In principle, only the User himself/herself may request for notification of “the Purpose of Use of Personal Information”. However, the Company may not agree to the disclosure of the Personal Information if any one of the following occurs:

  1. The loss of life, bodily injury, damage to property or other right or interests of the User himself/herself or any third party may occur.
  2. The proper performance of the Services may be materially disturbed.
  3. There is a violation of other laws or ordinances.
  1. Accuracy of Personal Information

The Company will make all efforts to process the Personal Information received accurately. However, the User will be held responsible for the accuracy of the content of the Personal Information provided and for keeping the same up-to-date.

  1. Limitation on Acquisition of Sensitive Personal Information

The Company will not obtain Personal Information containing any of the following in principle, except for the information provided by a User himself/herself.

  1. Items relating to thoughts, beliefs, or religion.
  2. Items relating to race, ethnic group, physical or mental disorders, criminal records, or other matters that could cause discrimination.
  3. Items relating to a workers” right to organize and to bargain collectively and act collectively.
  4. Items relating to participation in group demonstrations, and exercise of the right to petition and other political rights.
  5. Items relating to health care or sexual activities.
  1. Identification

The primary means of verifying the identity of the User on the Site is through the correct combination of his / her username and associated password. Provision of the correct combination of the username and password identifies and associates the User with the corresponding Personal Information. In such a case, the User’s Personal Information will be accessible to the person logged in, and may be modified, deleted, displayed, or otherwise manipulated. The Company is not responsible for any unauthorized exposure, disclosure, or use of the Personal Information in a User’s account if the correct username and password combination is provided on the Site. The User is responsible for securing his / her username and password to protect his / her account and Personal Information.

  1. Cookies and the Use of Action History

The Site and the Services use cookies for the purposes of convenience, distribution of advertisements, and acquisition of statistical data.

Cookies are portions of code that are stored by browsers on the User’s computer hard drive, used to allow a website to identify the User and remember information about his/her visits to the website in order to deliver more convenient and personalized services. Cookies can store various types of information, including IP addresses, browsing history and settings, server data, e-mail addresses and passwords, and other information needed to access the Site. You may configure your browser’s security settings to specify how cookies will be handled, either by disabling them for specific sites, clearing the cache of stored cookie data, or blocking them in all sites. If cookies are not allowed, some of the Site’s features and functionality may not be available to you. The Site uses cookies to store User’s Personal Information to identify when the User is logged in, to remember the User’s transaction history, and to otherwise carry out the Services as needed.

In addition, the Company may obtain attribute information that cannot identify an individual such as age, gender, occupation, residential area (limited to the information which cannot identify an individual even if certain information is combined with other information) out of the information provided at the time of registration as a member, or the action history of users within a site (accessed URLs, contents, reference orders, etc.) by using technology such as cookies or JavaScript; provided that no Personal Information is contained in cookies or action history. These cookies may be used for acquisition of statistical data relating to the distribution of online behavioral targeting advertisements, either internally by the Company through the Site, or through third party advertising publishers including Google. In such cases, cookies may be used to determine the proper ads to serve to Users based on their previous visits to the Site.

If you don’t want cookies stored on your computer, you may choose to opt out of information collection and prevent third party sites from tracking your online behavior. To do this, visit Ads Preferences and choose “Opt Out from Online Behavioral Advertising.” You may also control your Google ad settings from this page.

  1. Acquisition of Access Logs

The Company may obtain access logs in order to improve convenience and prepare statistical data. Unless legally required, the Company will not disclose access logs to third parties. If User does not agree with the sending of such User’s access logs, they should not use this Website.

  1. Amendments to The Privacy Policy

The Company may make additions and deletions to, or otherwise modify this Privacy Policy without any prior notice. Use of the Service after any modifications are made to this Privacy Policy means the User agrees with the modified Privacy Policy.