Mines View Park Experience Like No Other

Little do people know that the city of Baguio started out as an American mining town during the early parts of the 20th Century.

The Mines View Park has then become one of the few lasting attractions that can attest to this period of the city. Standing 1,500 meters above sea level, this park is among the coolest places in the city. It is but a part of the vast range of the Cordillera Mountains where visitors would be able to see Benguet’s gold and copper mines aside from the majestic mountains that surround the viewing deck.

Looking down, visitors will see a steep and almost vertical wall of massively hard and sharp granite that runs all the way from 100 feet to level ground. At times, visitors may find Igorot boys running up and down the hill with great speed without holding on to anything.

Visitors are enticed to throw coins where they will hurriedly run and catch after them along with their huge black dogs. This is just one of the spontaneous added attractions that make the park even more popular.

Turning your back from the view, a lazy white horse sits at a corner where visitors are encouraged to take pictures with for a minimal fee. Kids especially go crazy with the sight of a white horse which even makes them completely forget about the view at Mines Park.

Even better, tourists will get the chance to get fully clothed in Cordillera regalia, complete with the bahag, shield and spear for the men, and the tapis for the ladies. Both sexes are also given vests and headdresses to make a unique and unforgettable photo opportunity.

Small huts and stalls surround the park where hundreds of souvenirs items are on display. Big wooden sculptures, native wallets, beads, brooms, hats, caps, curtains, wooden dining sets, earthen pots, strawberry jam and souvenir t-shirts are all for sale. Snacks also fill the air with the yummy aroma of grilled corns and hotdogs on sticks. Another increasingly popular item is the fresh, creamy and tasty ube jam that is home-made by nuns of the Good Shepherd Seminar. Visitors are told to walk a short distance from the park to able to get hold of these increasingly popular delicacies along with their superb pies and peanut brittle.

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From Session road, climb up toward the Leonard Wood Road and pass by the Teacher’s Camp, Botanical Garden and the Pacdal Rotunda. Head straight up to the C.P Romulo Drive and past Wright Park Riding Circle and the Mansion. From there, climb up the curved road along Outlook Drive and make sure to avoid taking the road going straight down to the town of Itogon, Benguet.

Mines View Park2

Mines View Park from Google Images

You’ll see Baguio Townhouse to the right as the Mines View Park will be found at the top. Many visitors take the trouble to trek up Baguio again and again just to marvel at this site even though they’ve seen it countless times before.

These days, not only visitors climb up to the deck to view the awesome mine-rich mountains and awe-dropping sights, but for the experience of seeing daring young boys, lazy horses, hotdogs on sticks and home-made ube jams.

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