Hotel Veniz

Hotel Veniz. Positioned along One Abanao Street in the irresistibly attractive City of Baguio, Hotel Veniz is a topnotch hotel that caters to the needs of various tourists and guests who want to explore the beauty and wonders of the place. In this beautiful place, people receive royal treatment from the very friendly and courteous hotel management and staff, right from their arrival until they leave the vicinities of the building. At the same time, it also offers special tours for its various visitors and guests to enjoy.


To give customers and guests that kind of royal treatment everyone has been looking for, Hotel Veniz provides wonderful features like an outstanding laundry service, relaxing massages, as well as a trustworthy moneychanger. In the meantime, the hotel also has a business center that offers unlimited Internet access to guests who really need to go online. For better convenience and comfort, each room is equipped with a telephone system, where guests can enjoy both local as well as international calls.


At Hotel Veniz, people can really do many nice, fun, and relaxing things with all the wonderful amenities and special services that it provides. The hotel features its very own McDonald’s branch, a food street, and Matley Food Stop. Furthermore, the place also has Sunshine Supermart, the French Line Bakeshop, and Sunshine Bakeshop. Close within the hotel, people can also find a photo-processing shop, a bookstore, and a specialty store for wines and sweets. Visitors and guests can also find a toy store, a pharmacy, and a portrait studio.hotel veniz Baguio City

Of course, the most important feature at Hotel Veniz is its elegant, cozy, and super affordable rooms. In this very fine hotel, the Solo Standard rooms cost somewhere in between 1095 and 1695 pesos. In the meantime, guests must pay 1295 to 1795 pesos for the Junior Standard rooms, while it may take them 2095 to 2795 pesos for the Standard Trio rooms. On the other hand, the rates for Family Suites start at 3395 and can go as much as 4295 pesos. Additionally, almost all the best rooms at Hotel Veniz are air-conditioned and equipped with the latest and finest hotel amenities available.

From its location along One Abanao Street, Hotel Veniz is just a five-minute walk away from some of the most important and interesting places in Baguio City. These include Burnham ParkSession Road, and Igorot Garden. At the same time, Marbay Shopping Center, Maharlika Shopping Center, and Baguio City Market are also very close to the location of the hotel. Also close are other exciting places such as Japanese Garden, Sunshine Park, and Pink Sisters Convent.


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