Hotel Legarda in Baguio – Recommended Hotel

Hotel Legarda: Recommended for young singles and budget travelers first and then to other tourists as well, Hotel Legarda, formerly Forest Inn, offers nice serene surroundings good for a relaxing vacation.

We’re usually exhausted after a day of touring Baguio City and the first thing we want is a nice quiet place to rest. Baguio City is often tour and relaxation to many. Hotel Legarda figures excellently in this. All its 35 rooms provide snug places for relaxation and sleep.

Hotel Legarda – Relax Time

Its interior is of a modern design, light toned corridors, varnished doors, homey room interiors, warm comfy beds, private toilet and bath, a dining nook, spacious closets, carpets, good room service, friendly hotel staff, and a guest-pampering hotel policy, all at a mere Php 600 per head per day.

Hotel Legarda does all for our relaxing convenience.

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Hotel Legarda also has a restaurant announced with gleeful neon lights—so meals are not a problem. The lobby is spacious and has subdued lighting in the evening. The deluxe rooms offer a quieter environment conducive to sleep at night. Included in the rates is breakfast each morning.

Hotel Legarda is near necessities and conveniences like water refilling stations and banks. Among near restaurants is Jade restaurant at the corner of Magsaysay Avenue and Legarda Street. If we walk down M.H. Del Pilar Street intersecting Legarda at midpoint we’d easily find ourselves in Kisad Road and at the western edge of Burnham Park.

The standard room started at 750 PHP a night.

You can get an idea of how much accommodation at Hotel Legarda will cost you here.

You can save up to 30% 


Crossing Burnham Park we find ourselves in Session and Harrison Roads and along streets where public jeepney and cabs are easy to come by.

Just walking along Kisad Road from Hotel Legarda gives us access to passing cabs. And it’s so good to walk these streets especially early in the morning.

South of Legarda Street is Marcos Highway and north of it is the city hall, Quirino Highway, and the city market along Magsaysay Avenue.

The really exciting part about shopping from Hotel Legarda is its proximity to SM Pines Hotel. If we just traverse the football field beside Burnham Park and cross the Marcos Highway past the Baguio General Hospital we’d find ourselves in its vicinity.

Hotel Legarda also enjoys its share of low clouds drifting by with slight drizzles even on summer early mornings. During cold months the hotel may experience zero visibility outside due to thick fogs, it being a bit elevated than Burnham Park.

It’s worth checking out the next tiem we visit the City of Pines. Hotel Legarda gives us so much convenience.

The standard room started at 750PHP a night.

You can get an idea of how much accommodation at Hotel Legarda will cost you here.

You can save up to 30% 


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