Going to Baguio from Manila by Bus

Going to Baguio from Manila by Bus

Going to Baguio:Victory Liner buses is one of the well-known buses that offers services going to Baguio City. The company has been there for a long time and has earned a respected reputation. That is why most travelers prefer to ride on one of these buses.

Whether you are from Caloocan, Cubao, Pasay, or Sampaloc, there is an available Victory Liner to Baguio. They have respective terminals located in the mentioned places.

In Caloocan, there is a terminal located at Rizal Avenue Extension, Caloocan City, Cubao terminal is in EDSA, Cubao; Pasay terminal is in EDSA, Pasay; and Sampaloc terminal is in EspaƱa, Corner Galicia Street, Sampaloc, Manila.

All of the above terminals travel to and from Baguio.

One might prefer to hire a private car when going to Baguio as it is much more comfortable. But one thing to keep in mind also is that the drivers that you hire. Since traveling to Baguio is like literally climbing a mountain, a driver should have the needed experience in order to maneuver the car safely.

One of the reasons why travelers chose riding Victory Liner to Baguio is that aside from its tested drivers, inside the bus, there are amenities available. You can either choose whether you like to ride with an air-con or not.

There is also a television and/or a component for entertainment. Knowing that there is an estimated 6-7 hours travel going to Baguio, it is best to keep passengers entertained.

Average bus fare right now for Victory Liner to Baguio is around 450 pesos (P450.00). You may notice an increase, especially if you have not been to Baguio for the past months. Still, it still proves to be much cheaper than hiring a private car. But if you really want to travel in style by land, there is a luxury Victory liner to Baguio also which costs around 700 pesos (P700.00). This has a comfort room inside the vehicle.

Victory Liner to Baguio goes two ways as there are two terminals here. The air-conditioned bus and luxury bus has a different terminal as the non air-conditioned bus.

Going to Baguio

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For an air-conditioned bus/luxury bus, their bus stop is at Upper Session Road, near Microtel Hotel Inn. There are two storeys in the building. The ground floor is where the buses are parked and is where passengers wait for departure. The second storey is the ticketing booth. It also has several stalls where not only souvenir items are sold but there are food served also.

For non air-conditioned bus, the bus stop is at Governor Pack Road, near Jollibee and just below SM Mall.

When travelling to Baguio, you would want someone with experience bringing passengers at a regular time. Since Victory Liner to Baguio has been there for quite a long time, you are well aware that these drivers have been travelling to and from Baguio for the longest time. That means they are already tried and tested.

Another way to going to Baguio is to take public bus transportation like Dagupan Bus to Baguio. This method of taking Dagupan Bus to Baguio is probably the best method to use. For most travelers, having ones trip well taken care of is one big relief.

Going to Baguio

Since taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio is a form of commercial transportation, there is no need for hours of tiring driving, maps, and gasoline fee consideration. The most important benefit of taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio is that one can go there feeling like a complete tourist on vacation!

All one has to do is to hop on the Dagupan Bus to Baguio, sit and relax, sleep or eat on the bus, and you arrive the City of Pines fresh and energetic.

Taking the Dagupan Bus to Baguio City is also very practical and economical. This is a known fact to the regulars of Baguio. It is very easy to avail of Dagupan bus tickets whether in Manila or from the different regions of the country. Daily trips of the Dagupan Bus to Baguio are offered, and the fare usually is much cheaper compared to spending for your own gasoline.

Going to Baguio City, whether it is for a short or long stay, one is assured of a comfortable, safe, and fun way.

Land transportation also offers the privacy of ones own driving or the convenience of taking commercial buses.

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