Best Restaurants when Eating and Drinking in Baguio City

Eating and Drinking in Baguio City

With the nice and cool climate enticing appetites of travelers, eating and drinking in Baguio can be truly enjoyable, especially when paired with al fresco settings. Here is a list of the best homegrown Baguio restaurants that are consistently good with great service. They’re all easy on the pocket as most other Baguio eateries and can only be found exclusively in the City of Pines.

Atenara House

Located along Navy Road, which is also known as C.M Recto, Atenar

a provides excellent Eat-All-You-Can Roast Beef, Salad Bar and Pasta Buffet for only 399 pesos per person. Reservations are required within 24 hours notice of this amazingly cheap steal.

Café Ruins

Try out ethnic Baguio cuisine such as native chicken, mountain rice and strawberry wine. Set lunch costs about 350 pesos at Café Ruins located along Otek Street.

Bliss Café

For those into vegetarian food, the Bliss Café offers vegetable dishes that taste so good they make self-professed meat-lovers reconsider their prerequisites for good food. Stop by the Bliss Café along Gibraltar Road that has prices averaging 300 pesos per person.

Brod Pitt

If the name doesn’t entice you enough, its sumptuous Filipino food will definitely do the trick. Brod Pitt is located along Leonard Wood corner Brent Road and is open until the wee hours of the morning. Taste their famous garlic crispy pata in a cozy, nice ambiance. Ample parking is provided with an average cost of 300 pesos per person.

Eating and Drinking in Baguio City

Rose Bowl

In for Chinese? Rose Bowl along Harrison Road is one of the two classic Chinese restaurants with family-style services.

Star Café

The other classic Chinese restaurant famous for their Star Rice found along Session Road.

Little John

Found at the famous Camp John Hay, Little John’s is a happy and bright place perfect for families. Kids can get to color on the menu while waiting for the food and will get a kick with their chocolate fondue with banana, strawberries and marshmallows. Average check would be 250 pesos person.

O’Mai Khan

Located along Otek Street, this is a favorite Mongolian barbecue place of the locals that serves crispy highland veggies. Baguio vegetables are known to be the absolute best in quality in the country, so this is sure to be a treat. Expect to shell out around 300 pesos per person.

Pizza Volante

Think 24 hours of great pizza, found along Session Road.

Eve’s Garden

Finding Eve’s Garden is an adventurous in itself. The restaurant is tucked away in a street called Lamtang Road but rest assured that the trip is definitely worth it. Try at least 10 varieties of organic lettuce that are freshly picked from Evelyn Bond’s garden. Reservations are a requirement with set meals costing 650 pesos

Pizza Riccio

Found along Governor Pack inside the Baden Powel Inn, Bob’s fantastic lasagna is a must-try at the Pizza Riccio. Locals claim that they can eat their pizzas everyday while travelers can’t stop raving about their sumptuous pizza. You can have their pizza delivered to your hotel until 11 pm with a 14-inch pizza costing around 350 pesos.


With their cheap bulalo and crispy pata, Rito’s found along Marcos Highway is a yummy restaurant visitors always look forward to.

Food can make up a huge part of your entire vacation. Luckily, eating and drinking in Baguio surely satisfies anyone’s palette on any given day.

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