manor hay 2

“Camp John Hay is the most popular tourist attraction in Baguio City.”

That statement, often delivered by Baguio locals, simply says it all. Since it opened its doors as a recreational complex to the general public in 1991, this 690-hectare property has been the most well-known visitor magnet of the city. It used to be a venue for rest and recreation of U.S. Military personnel and the employees of the Secretary of Defense and their dependents.

The facility was named after the U.S President Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of War. During World War II, the Japanese dropped bombs that hit the main gate and other areas of the camp. It was then used by the Japanese as a concentration camp for American and British soldiers. It was also used as General Yamashita’s military headquarters when they moved up north from Manila towards the end of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines.

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