Attractions in Baguio

Baguio City must be the top city in the Philippines when it comes to the number of public parks and pocket gardens in it. One of the many found in the City of Pines is the Baguio Sunshine Park, which is a lesser known place in Baguio. It has not been advertised as widely as more famous sites such as the Burnham Park and the Mines View. Still, the Sunshine Park has unique characteristics that make it special in its own way.

The Sunshine Park is actually one of the 12 cluster areas of the famous Burnham Park of Baguio City. The Sunshine Park is a great venue for those who wish to see flowers and plants that can only grow in cool climates. Gardeners of the area are highly commendable for their amazing efforts in maintaining the park. Visitors will be able to see a variety of flowers that remain exclusive only to Baguio. Nature lovers are definitely in for a treat with such a unique display of blooming flowers, plants and trees.


  • sunshine park

    Visiting the Baguio Sunshine Park

    The Sunshine Park is actually one of the 12 cluster areas of the famous Burnham Park of Baguio City .An entire day can be spent at the Baguio Sunshine Park.

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  • Session Road in Bloom Baguio City

    Session Road

    A Baguio City tour is never complete without a stroll along Session Road. A lot of sights in Baguio come and go but Session Road has been there since the very beginning. Baguio, being the summer capital of the country, was made official during the first session of the Philippine Commission in the summer of 1904, April to June. There was a lone road that led up the Baden Powell building where the session was held. Hence, the road has been called Session Road since then. Today, Session Road is lined up with bustling businesses and is, in fact, sometimes considered the city’s financial district. Shops, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, offices, and banks, among others, are situated along the road. And because it slopes upward, at the rotunda near the Post Office and the DENR office we get a good view of the city proper below as…

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