Panagbenga Festival 2018

Panagbenga Festival 2018

Panagbenga festival, regionally translated to the Blooming Flowers festival, could be a yearly flower event that takes place in Baguio city, transfer along tourists. The use of the word Panagbenga is reflective of the mix of cultural influences…
kennon road
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Kennon Road

kennon road Kennon Road was for a whole century, the most popular access to Baguio City, Philippines. There has been no other road that has meant so much happiness for many travelers, who know that cool, cool weather lies just about 45 minutes…

A Brief History of Baguio City

A Brief History of Baguio City.The area now known as Baguio City was first called Kafagway and occupied by the Kankaney and Ibaloi tribes of the Cordilleras.
cultural baguio
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Cultural Baguio

When Baguio was an American mining and recreational town, the citizens of the city worked side by side with the Cordillera natives. It is precisely this rich blend of a Western landscape and tribal FIlipino culture that makes the City of…