Attractions in Baguio City

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  • sunshine park

    Visiting the Baguio Sunshine Park

    The Sunshine Park is actually one of the 12 cluster areas of the famous Burnham Park of Baguio City .An entire day can be spent at the Baguio Sunshine Park.

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  • kennon road

    Kennon Road

    kennon road was for a whole century, the most popular access to Baguio City, Philippines. There has been no other road that has meant so much happiness for many travelers, who know that cool, cool weather lies just about 45 minutes away. Kennon Road was built to connect Kafagway, later on chartered as Baguio City, to the lowlands. According to Filipino architect, author and actor — and Baguio native — Ernesto Zarate, his research shows that the Americans started building simultaneously from the top (which is Baguio City) and from the base (in La Union), and found that the two roads would not meet, necessitating a winding road through Bued River Canyon, affectionately referred to as the “Zigzag.” This historic road is about 30 kilometers in length and is divided into ‘Camps,’ signifying the establishment of mining camps by the Americans along the way up to Baguio City, which was…

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  • Session Road in Bloom Baguio City

    Session Road

    A Baguio City tour is never complete without a stroll along Session Road. A lot of sights in Baguio come and go but Session Road has been there since the very beginning. Baguio, being the summer capital of the country, was made official during the first session of the Philippine Commission in the summer of 1904, April to June. There was a lone road that led up the Baden Powell building where the session was held. Hence, the road has been called Session Road since then. Today, Session Road is lined up with bustling businesses and is, in fact, sometimes considered the city’s financial district. Shops, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, cafes, offices, and banks, among others, are situated along the road. And because it slopes upward, at the rotunda near the Post Office and the DENR office we get a good view of the city proper below as we stroll and…

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  • A Brief History of Baguio City

    A Brief History of Baguio City.The area now known as Baguio City was first called Kafagway and occupied by the Kankaney and Ibaloi tribes of the Cordilleras.

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  • cultural baguio

    Cultural Baguio

    When Baguio was an American mining and recreational town, the citizens of the city worked side by side with the Cordillera natives. It is precisely this rich blend of a Western landscape and tribal FIlipino culture that makes the City of Pines so interesting. Baguio today is a melting pot of the Cordillera tribes, who like to refer to themselves as highlanders, as well as Filipinos from the lowland provinces of Luzon. A lot of the images and products of Baguio are of the ‘Igorots’ themselves still: woven cloths and baskets, wood carvings, and even wild ethnic food.   The Baguio art scene can only be described as thriving! With famous painter and Philippine National Artist BenCab and sculptor Ben-Hur Baguio Art & Artists Villanueva in residence. They lead a whole pack of young artists whose works now enjoy a growing market. Baguio music thrives, too, with a host of…

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