Attractions in Baguio City

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  • panagbenga-2018

    Panagbenga 2018 – Complete Guide

    Panagbenga 2018: It's that time of the year again as flowers blossom and unite every around. Witness the staging of Panagbenga 2018. Know the schedule here!

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  • baguio city market3

    Baguio City Market in Baguio City

    Baguio City Market:  If you are going to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines, one place that msut be on your itinerary should be the Baguio City Market. It is, quite simply, where you can get everything you will likely want during your stay, and more. The Baguio City Market offers plenty of products for the traveler and shopper. For starters, it is, unlike other markets, spacious, well maintained and completely furnished. If you are looking for the best in Filipino food, the market has it, at very affordable prices. In addition, owing to the climate, shopping for food and other items can be very enjoyable. [instashow id=”4″]   The food selection in the Baguio City Market is not limited to cuisine from the province. There are plenty of fish, shrimps, crabs and all kinds of seafood straight from Pangasinan and of course, the puto Calasiao. Other favorites include…

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  • Panagbenga Festival 2018

    Panagbenga Festival 2018

    Panagbenga festival, regionally translated to the Blooming Flowers festival, could be a yearly flower event that takes place in Baguio city, transfer along tourists. The use of the word Panagbenga is reflective of the mix of cultural influences from Asian country and different South East Asian countries. The word interprets to ‘the season of bloom’. the popular festival is scheduled for February, and is held to celebrate the abundance of flowers within the town.

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  • Uncovering-Eden-Session-Road-Night-Market-3

    Baguio Shopping 

    Baguio Shopping Baguio Shopping:Your bargaining skills will be put to the test when you shop in Baguio City. The city locals are naturally frugal and they do expect the same from their visitors and guests. The prices of different commodities in Baguio are pretty much standard since business owners understand that anyone can easily ask and compare prices. The prices of commodities here are already reasonable, however, with some haggling, you can even bring the price even lower. Those who are into bargain hunting will find the shopping action in the city a treat. The idea is to always be prepared and watch out for a good bargain. One good tip is to always ask around before buying anything and bargain for a better price.

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  • Going to Baguio

    How to Get to Baguio City

    How to Get to Baguio City – Philippines Visiting Baguio City No city in the far northern region of the Philippines is more popular among tourists than Baguio City, the country’s undisputed Summer Capital. It is so popular as a holiday destination that even the head of the country, the President, has her official summer home in the city. Want to know how to get to Baguio City? Read on! Baguio City is the capital of Benguet Province, about 240 kilometers north of Manila. It is the gateway to the Cordillera region, known for its wondrous mountains, valleys and hills.

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  • Mines View Park

    Mines View Park Experience Like No Other

    The Mines View Park has then become one of the few lasting attractions that can attest to this period of the city. Standing 1,500 meters above sea level, this park is among the coolest places in the city.

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  • Best Restaurants when Eating and Drinking in Baguio City

    Eating and Drinking in Baguio City With the nice and cool climate enticing appetites of travelers, eating and drinking in Baguio can be truly enjoyable, especially when paired with al fresco settings. Here is a list of the best homegrown Baguio restaurants that are consistently good with great service. They’re all easy on the pocket as most other Baguio eateries and can only be found exclusively in the City of Pines.

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  • Cool escape to Baguio City

    Cool escape to Baguio City

    Heed the cali and get away from it all Baguio has long been considered the top summer destination in the country. Be it a family excursión a road trip with friends, or a romantic getaway with your special someone, the City of Pines offers a variety of activities and sights to keep everyone happy. So if the hustle and bustle of the metro has been getting to you. pack your bags and head on over to Baguio for that much needed escape. What to see and do in Baguio City Bumham Park is one of the most renowned landmarks in Baguio City. Named after the American architect Daniel Hudson Burnham. the park is a blueprint of fun and activities for the entire family.

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  • manor hay 2

    Camp John Hay Then and Now

    “Camp John Hay is the most popular tourist attraction in Baguio City.” That statement, often delivered by Baguio locals, simply says it all. Since it opened its doors as a recreational complex to the general public in 1991, this 690-hectare property has been the most well-known visitor magnet of the city. It used to be a venue for rest and recreation of U.S. Military personnel and the employees of the Secretary of Defense and their dependents. The facility was named after the U.S President Theodore Roosevelt’s Secretary of War. During World War II, the Japanese dropped bombs that hit the main gate and other areas of the camp. It was then used by the Japanese as a concentration camp for American and British soldiers. It was also used as General Yamashita’s military headquarters when they moved up north from Manila towards the end of the Japanese Occupation in the Philippines.

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  • Session Road Baguio

    Session Road Baguio: 5 Things to Know about it

    Session Road in Baguio is the main thoroughfare with its variety of shops, stores and offices lined up on each side. Local residents, tourists and visitors are constantly seen taking leisurely walks up and down the hill doing activities such as window shopping, snacking on ice cream cones or talking endlessly with their friends. But to know a little bit more about this famous road of Baguio, here are five things you may have been apprised of about the legendary road. Historical Significance – The road is the site of the very First Session of the Second Philippine Commission. It is here where it got its name as well. The road leads up to the old Baden-Power Hall where the Second Philippine Commission was held in 1904.

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